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Book Fanatic List- Book Ideas Highlighted For Kids

A book with an animal in its title

The first book you see in a library or bookstore

A book about something that makes you thankful

The first book you touch with your eyes closed

Published in 2023

Last book in a series

To, Too, or Two in the title

Red cover at least 50%

Title contains an element (Earth, Air, Fire)

Book of your choice

A book with Star or War(s) in the title

A book with a magical creature

Goodreads Awards nominated book

A book published in 2013

A book that makes you feel good

A book from a library display

Read to a pet or if you don’t have a pet, read to a stuffed toy

Read a book with more than six Chapters

Clock or time in the title

An author who is new to you

From the bottom shelf

Read a book about siblings

A book about a job you would like to have when you grow

Read a book involving water

Have someone choose a book for you

 A book you think people will still read in 100 years

Read a book with a new sticker on it. (at least 100 pages)