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Book Fanatic List- Book Ideas Highlighted For Kids

A Book that is also a movie

Book with a title that begins with “M”

Read a book set in the past

Read a book about your favorite hobby or interest

Read a book that your teacher loves

Read a book that teaches you a new skill

Read a Rick Riordan Presents book

Book with a tree on the cover

Start a new series

Fictional book about a historical event

Book with a number in the title

An Adventure

Book from the top library shelf

A mystery

A Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys book

Graphic Novel

A book about a character that is older than you

A Fantasy

Book with an illustrated cover

Book with an outdoor scene on the cover

Your favorite book

A book that made you laugh

Book published in 2024

Book about education

A book with a character that has an unusual name

A book with the summary on the back cover

A book you saw someone reading