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Test Proctoring

The Larsen-Sant Library offers test proctoring at no charge to home-schooled students, post- secondary students and professionals, taking licensing exams.

The proctor will be the, Director, Laura Wheatley or Assistant Director, Teresa Rasmussen.

We proctor online as well as written tests. Students will take written exams in our study rooms where they will be observed during the testing period.  Library computers are used for online exams.

The test may be mailed or emailed to:

Laura Wheatley
109 S 1st E
Preston, Idaho 83263

The library does not permit the installation of special software that may be needed to complete exams.

We will receive tests for students, provide a librarian to set up the exam situation and sign the appropriate paperwork. Examinations will then be mailed or emailed back to the insturctor as per the instructions sent with the test.

Students are responsible to schedule with the Librarians for their testing.

If there are any questions please feel free to call at 208-852-0175