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Collection Development Policy

The collection development policy of the Franklin County Library District/Larsen-Sant Library supports the general mission of the Library, the Library Bill of Rights* and the Freedom to Read Statement*.

All acquisitions, before being purchased or accepted as gifts, are evaluated in terms of the following criteria and in the context of economic and space considerations. An item will not necessarily be judged against all criteria, but against those appropriate and applicable to it. These same standards determine the replacement, duplication, and withdrawal of materials.

A.        The Library will 

  • Provide a collection that anticipates the needs and numbers of potential users
  • Consider public demand, both specific and general, as expressed through requests, suggestions, and use to develop the collection
  • Consider the availability of the same, or similar, materials in other libraries or agencies
  • Consider the need for all subjects covered and viewpoints expressed
  • Consider the effect that subjects and viewpoints selected have on developing a balanced collection
  • Consider the appropriateness to scope of the collection as it is developed
  • Consider the unique nature of branch locations in developing their collections
  • Accept only donations that are outright gifts B.       

B.        Selectors will consider these characteristics when selecting

  • Literary or stylistic quality
  • Reputations, qualifications, and significance of author, producer, or publisher
  • Accuracy, currency, timeliness, and validity
  • Attention of critics, reviewers, awards and public
  • Physical quality and effectiveness of format and appropriateness of format to subject
  • Cost, as measured against competing materials on the same subject
  • Availability of discounts and efficiency in vendors used for purchasing
  • Suitability for intended audience (Appropriate for age levels)
  • Availability of subscriptions  for popular materials, reference and nonfiction items published or released annually
  • Variety of Formats will be made available
  • Compatible with community Standards

*As adopted by the Council of the American Library Association

C.         Reconsideration of Materials

The Franklin County Library District/Larsen-Sant Library Board is legally responsible for all matters relating to the operation of the library. It delegates the responsibility for selection of library materials to the Library Director.  Suggestions for the library collection are welcomed from patrons. While a particular item may offend some patrons, selection of materials will not be based upon any anticipated approval or disapproval, but rather on the merits of the material and its value to the collection. The final responsibility for the selection decision rests with the Library.

The use of library materials by patrons is an individual matter. Responsibility for children’s and teen’s use of library materials rests with their parents or legal guardians.

Library patrons may object to selected library materials by completing the Request for Reconsideration form. Once a completed form is received by the Library Director, a thoughtful, deliberative process for reconsideration of the library materials identified by the library patron will begin. While each request for reconsideration will be handled on a case-by-case basis, the Library Director will look at awards, reviews, and demand, for the particular item. The patron will be informed of the objectives of the process, the timeline, the review structure and the opportunity for appeal in accordance with the Request for Reconsideration Procedure.