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Digitization Station

A new self-serve Digitization Station is now available at the Larsen-Sant library through a grant from the Idaho Community Foundation and the Kings Foundation for all Franklin County residents.   Residents can bring their own documents, recordings on VHS Tapes, photo prints, photo slides, film negatives, audio cassettes, floppy discs, to convert to a digital format.  This station provides two computers, scanners, and converters to digitize in each of the above formats.  Digitization provides a means to preserve precious memories with permanence in digital form. Digital images do not fade, discolor, get scratched, or torn, and are easily shared with family members, etc.

May contain: table, furniture, coat, clothing, desk, computer hardware, hardware, electronics, jacket, monitor, screen, person, man, adult, male, computer, computer keyboard, chair, pc, pants, and mouse
(Trevor Rasmussen, left, the Libraries Technical Specialist, was key to providing the Digitization Station for our community)

The Digitization Station is a self-serve station.  Residents can watch HERE to learn how to organize your photos, documents, etc. before coming to the library.  Addition tutorial videos, accessible at the station, will give step by step instruction to complete projects.  Residents will need to bring their own portable media storage, such as USB drives, external hard drives, writable CD-ROM, or DVD discs to save your projects on.  We encourage anyone digitizing their local histories and photos, to share with the library’s local history staff member, Myrna Fuller. Patrons can call the library at (208-852-0175) to schedule the Digitization Station. A library staff member will help you get started. If you are unfamiliar with computers, you may want to bring someone with you that is more familiar with them to assist you with your project.