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Social Studies
You have a map of the U.S. and you have to click on the correct state given its capital.
Learn about past and present world cultures by playing matching games, battleship and tic-tac-toe
Do you have what it takes to lead Lewis and Clark on their journey west?
Pair the U.S. Constitution Amendments with what they did

This Kids Zone is brought to you from Colonial Williamsburg.

The Smithsonian Institution designed this kids section to test your knowledge.

This site covers various topics including current events, this time in history, history, culture, and more!

Do you know America’s story?

Find the Flags of the World. What makes them different and what makes them the same?

This Library of Congress provides this site for kids and families interested in learning Social Studies.

What happened today in History? Check back tomorrow!

Learn about the United States Government for Kids from Ben himself!

Learn all about history and historical events from this children’s learning network.

Who’s in the House? Kids in the House, of Representatives.